Trampoline is a charismatic anti-rock outfit that was founded in the summer of 2014. At the band's helm is the idiosyncratic and evocative songwriting of Michelle Lecnik (guitarist and vocalist) and the whip-smart interplay between Steve Martens (drums, vocals) and Joey Penner (bass, vocals) . The musical arrangements are cinematic and percussive, blending styles of punk, indie rock and prog, with a touch of folk and 90s rock nostalgia. Charged by the whims of satire, playfulness and deeply heartfelt emotion, Trampoline explores the highs and lows of the human experience while making you bounce through it all. 

In february of 2019, Trampoline released their debut full length album entitled 'Happy Crimes'- a rock musical enterprise that explores the imaginings and feelings of a man anticipating the apocalypse amidst the tensions of his nightmares, political preoccupations and personal traumas. The album's contents drew largely from Michelle's life as inspiration. They recorded the album at Private Ear Studio with John Paul Peters and celebrated the release at the West End Cultural centre. Happy Crimes charted at #1 for multiple weeks on radio stations CKUW and UMFM in Winnipeg as well as Edmonton's CJSR 88.5. Happy Crimes was nominated for the Polaris Prize, has reached #26 on the national top 50 Ear Shot chart and was ranked #74 for 2019.

In October of 2021, Trampoline released their sophomore album entitled All the People in This House which they recorded with John Paul Peters over the course of 2020. The 11-track album explores themes of tyranny, the degradation of nature and the collapse of western civilization in the wake of an emerging new paradigm of unconditional love and interdependence. The album plays with the perspectives of notable voices from Thoth to Socrates to Erin Brockovitch to Ted Kaczynski to Judas Iscariot to comedian Jessa Reed.